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Short break in my editing

I just realized that my new series will consist of all Talking head videos, and give me really easy editing tasks. So hopefully I can spend time on either filming some extra b-roll sequences to just have as backup, or work more focused on my SEO the upcoming weeks.
Either way, it feels great to have some “easy” weeks ahead of me.

I am thinking of creating a new thumbnail template for the next series, and I have now narrowed it down to two examples

I am torn between the two, like the layout of the first one better but the pinkish background suits my channel better. Maybe I should do a combination of the two, didn’t think about that before I sat down to write here, something good came out of this little break. Or not, the result was not good at all as you can see below

I will be back tomorrow with my second but last video in my testing YouTube niches series, a little sad that this one is over but I will for sure return to this again.