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Social and Emotional Learning

Today I will talk about Social and Emotional Learning. Does it belong in school? should it be part of schools accountability measurements? And maybe most important, what is Social and Emotional Learning? This topic has been debated many times, and one of the questions is at what age we should work on these questions. Another important question is how do we measure these factors? I will try and address all these questions in today’s video, as well as give you my personal opinion and experience. Link to the website for the research I am citing .

I am going to narrow down my content a little bit and focusing on technology, YouTube, and social media and their role in education. I will do more reviews and tutorials about software, apps, and websites that can be used in an educational environment, whether it is as a teacher, a home schooler, a parent, a student, or anybody that is studying something even just for fun. Starting with a more general look at social medias role in education on Wednesday, and continue with a 3 part tutorial about a web site and app called Padlet that I recently discovered and that I can see so many possibilities with.

I am going to see if this makes any change to how my channel will grow, particularly when it comes to watch time. But I am also very fascinated in creating tutorials, and I have tried a few of them earlier, but I have now figured out a way to easily record my screen and have it work the way I want it to, which I had trouble with earlier, and it took me way to much time to edit these videos.
Although I think it is important to try and keep up with technology for education, I will not be a tech channel, my focus will always be from the user perspective, and I will always try to talk about any software, app, or web site from the perspective of both educators, parents, and students.
If you have any ideas or suggestions of web sites or programs you would like me to take a look at and evaluate, you can use the suggest a topic link in the top menu and send me your suggestions, I would appreciate any ideas.

I think this is a step in the right direction, I have always been a “techie” person and education is my passion so combining the two is just a natural progression for me. It is also a natural part of a YouTube channel to constantly develop, it took me seven months to find my niche, and now after another six months I am narrowing down my content. It is part of growing in the craft of creating for YouTube, to constantly learn and develop as a creator, which manifest itself in a constantly changing channel, even if the changes nowadays are more subtle.

Now, let’s take a look at today’s video