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Spatial Intelligence Visual Learner

Time for the fourth type of intelligence, spatial. This is a very interesting type that so often get lost in the traditional school system. And still if we encourage our student to develop this type of intelligence we may just open the doors to many ways of learning that can enhance our lives.

I have started scripting for the videos that will come after the intelligence series. I have made the decision that I will try to designate my three days of upload to different themes. Mondays will be alternative assessments, Wednesday will be different school types, and Fridays I call hot topics for now, where I will discuss different topics that I have strong feelings about when it comes to teaching and learning e.g. does homework do anything positive for the learning process, or school uniform vs dress code.

Right now I feel really good about making videos related to teaching and learning. Maybe they don’t have the biggest audience, but they give me a lot of satisfaction. And I hope that some of them will start a discussion about these questions.

So to today’s video, I hope that of you enjoy it that you will share it, give it a thumbs up, and maybe you will subscribe to my channel