PixelPia Never Stop Learning
Never Stop Learning

Taste testing Japanese candy/snacks

Today’s video is a follow up to my Monday video, I am tasting the Japanese candy I got in my mystery box. This was such a fun video to film and edit, and I will for sure return to this some other time on my channel.

Right now I have set up for filming what will be my last video in the series where I test different YouTube niches and types of videos. It will go public on July 31st. This has been a very fun and exciting month when it comes to YouTube for me, not only have I tried a lot of different video types, I’ve reached 100 subscribers and got my personal URL, so now you can find my channel at youtube.com/pixelpia

But I am also excited to start filming for August. I am returning to something that is very close to my heart, teaching and learning. And tonight I will also film the introduction to my new series about the 9 types of intelligence and the 9 learning styles. I miss teaching a lot, and I don’t really know why I haven’t filmed material like this until now. Who knows, maybe I will be an educational channel after all.

Well, I have always told myself to give myself one year before I really make any major decisions about what direction I want to take, and there are many more things to discover still. As long as I keep on learning, and having fun, it is OK with me. This was always just ment to be a learning experience and a hobby, and i can’t see that anything within the next five months will change that.