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Teaching about religion in school, can we, should we?

Can we , and should we teach our students about religion in school. And the importance in this question is the little word _about_. I am not talking about teaching a specific doctrine, I am talking about religious knowledge in a historical, cultural, and defining purpose.
In today’s video I talk about the legality of teaching about religion in US schools as well as if we should. I also compare to Sweden where religious knowledge is a subject from grade 1.

Did my live stream yesterday, I being an idiot I had it set to private, but at least it is up now as a re run. I will never do that mistake again, learn from your mistakes.
Monday will be my tutorial about PRISM Live Studio, the more I use that app the more I fall in love, it is fantastic how much they have managed to put in.
I will do at least two episodes about it, to cover everything there is to know.

We are having another showing of our house today so fingers crossed that we finally will sell, so we can move to Florida. But that means I have to start cleaning now so the house shows the best it can, so let’s get right into today’s video.