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Temporarily changes my schedule

I have made a decision to for the time being changing my upload schedule for Pixelpia Teaching & Learning. Since the pandemic has changed so much for so many people, and I really feel for everyone that has been affected, I have been very lucky.
We are social distancing in a wonderful environment in our home in Florida, we have great weather and can enjoy the pool every day, but of course it has affected us as well. Right now I have put my live stream channel, PixelpiaLive, on ice due to changes in my life outside of YouTube.
I therefore will change my schedule for the main channel to be Monday and Thursday, instead of Monday and Wednesday. This will create a bit more room in between my uploads and give me some extra time in between.

I hope you all do what you can to stay safe and #StayHome
This is a photo from my day of social distancing today, not everybody is totally on board with the 6 ft. rule…..