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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

The benefits of lifelong learning are many. Today I will take a look at them and also what forms this learning can take. Maybe first watch Life long learning – Distance Education
Lifelong learning, or as it sometimes is called continuous learning, is a more intentional way of learning than the learning that takes plays all the time just by living. It is learning because you want to and can. It is a mindset of growth both personal and professional. There are many forms of lifelong learning, formal, professional, and self-directed, and includes anything from University courses to online learning as well as personal interest classes.

This is part of me narrowing down my content to focus on lifelong learning in general and distance learning in particular. I feel very rejuvenated after finally deciding on who my audience is. Who is your audience you may ask, in my mind it is anybody who wants’s to live a life of lifelong learning, anybody that returns to learning after maybe years of working? Anyone who might try a distance course, for professional development and/or personal growth, and have questions about how to manage your life and studies?
I took my first online course at a Swedish University back in 93/94 and have ever since been a happy distance learner both for my profession, and my personal growth and entertainment.

Part of my lifelong learning journey is this YouTube channel and learning how to film and edit videos. This was a decision I took when I turned 60, I was looking for a bigger learning project for myself and after a long search, 9 months, I decided that video creation was my new learning project. Today after 17 months on YouTube I am still actively learning, I am taking online courses, and I am learning from other creators I have come to know on the platform.
This has enriched my life in so many ways, and I want to encourage and help others explore the joy of lifelong learning, and share mo own experience, which is why this direction of my channel is the right fit for me.

And as I said, today’s video covers the benefits of lifelong learning, as well as the different types of learning you can take part in. I hope I can inspire someone to take the first step towards lifelong learning.

Benefits of Lifelong Learninghttps://youtu.be/VWCNjqNA_ho