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The Benefits Of Personal Growth

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To be intentional with your personal growth journey is a great way to improve your life. And the benefits are many. But today I will focus on six of the in my eyes, most important benefits. I will address them in no particular order, they are all equally important. I hope you will be part of the discussion and share your own stories and experiences in the comments.


Let’s start by talking about self-awareness. This is usually the starting pint for everyone on a self-improvement journey. Self-awareness is the knowledge of who you really are, your values, your believes, and your wishes for your future.
Self-awareness can be divided into two types, internal self-awareness, which is how we see our selves, our values, passions, aspirations, and reactions like thoughts, feelings, strengths, and weaknesses.
Then we have external self-awareness, which means that you have a realistic understanding of how other people view you.
The first step on a personal growth journey is usually discovering something about yourself that you don’t like and making the decision to change that aspect of yourself.
As you start working on improving yourself the self-awareness will continue to grow. The more you learn and improve yourself the more self-aware you will become. And the more you understand of how other people see you, the more goals for self-improvement you will set.

Sense of directions

So now you have started to see sides of yourself you want to change, and maybe even started to plan for the change (more about planning for self-improvement next week) and that leads me to the next benefit, the sense of directions, with the self-awareness, comes an increased sense of direction you know what you want to achieve, and you have found the direction towards the goal.
At this point, you need to take a look at your “to-do” list in life. Make sure that what you occupy your time with is leading you towards what you want to achieve, and maybe lose some things you do now to make time and really prioritize what you want to achieve. And you might even find that you will have less of your usual “to-do” and more time for things you really want to do.

Improved focus and effectiveness

You will now find that you have improved focus and effectiveness, with your new clarity in life you will find that it will be so much easier to prioritize, and even with life going on as usual around you, with many tasks wanting your attention, you will so much easier navigate and focus on what will lead you to your goal.
You will improve your effectiveness, and your capability to resist distractions, like spending to much time on social media, or playing a game too long, and this will lead to less stress.
I am not saying that you should totally stop all the things you like, you can still spend time playing games, and interacting social media, but you will be more aware of how much time you spend and better redirect part of that time to things that will lead towards your goal.

Improved motivation

Another benefit of self-growth is improved motivation. With an improved sense of direction and your new focus, you can easier see how tasks that might not be enjoyable but will lead you towards your goal are easier to take on, your motivation is built upon your capability of visualizing the benefits and the how it will help you towards your goal.
Keep on focus on the steps, not the end goal, and your motivation will increase with every step you take.

Greater resilience

You will also find that your resilience will improve. Resilience refers to how quickly you can recover from difficulties, your adaptability, your toughness.
Life will always include tough times, but with personal growth comes a greater resilience, and we can more effectively deal with these hard times.
Sometimes negative things happen without any of your involvement, and they are beyond your control. Other times, you will create the mess yourself, which is part of being human. But with the greater resilience comes an understanding that if you can’t change the circumstances you can change your attitude and reaction to them. And when you are responsible for the mess up, well that is just another opportunity to learning.

Improvement of relationships

The last benefit I want to talk about today is the improvement of relationships.
One reason for this improvement id with the clear goal in mind you will realize which relationships are worth investing in, and consequently which ones you might have to eliminate.
Let’s take a look at the two words friend and friendly; You can try to be friendly towards everybody you come in contact with, but to be friends is a commitment. You make time for your friends, you will help them if needed, and you genuinely care about them.
On your personal-growth journey, you will improve your capability of distinguishing between the two, friend or friendly. You will be able to build friendships that are mutually beneficial for both of you.
The increased external self-awareness will also make it easier for you to act in a friendly manner with everybody you encounter.

Benefits for friends and family

But let’s look at the benefits of personal growth from another perspective than the personal. How can my personal growth be beneficial for friends and family?
The last point about the improved relationships already showed some of the positive outcomes, but there are more. On your personal-growth journey, you will find yourself to be happier than before, which will benefit everyone in your surroundings.
If you are a parent, you will also see how you become better at parenting. We all know the importance of being a great role model, and when you intentionally focus on self-improvement you are showing your kids the importance of trying to become the best version of themselves possible.
You are also less likely to use negative reinforcement and anger as a parenting method.
When it comes to work-relationships the benefits are similar, but with the added bonus of your increased focus and effectiveness that will improve the end result of your work both when it comes to time and quality.

Benefits from society and social perspective

Finally, let’s take a look at your personal-growth from society and social perspective. Part of what personal-growth includes is a healthier lifestyle, whether it is less stress or actually working on improved health by changing your exercise routines or eating habits.
This will lead to less need for health care which has an important effect on our society.
Another aspect, many committed to personal-growth realize is their role in difficult questions like inequality, environmental issues, diversity, and so forth. With personal growth comes a realization of your role in these big topics and how you can be part of the change.

Upcoming discussions

Next week I will focus on how you can set goals for your personal growth. I will talk about setting goals in general, as well as specific strategies for personal development.
If you want to watch my video on today’s topic I will link it below, and if you have any questions or suggestions you can use my link Suggest A Topic