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The Digital Divide – What Is It, And How Does It Affect Our Schools?

The Digital Divide and how it plays a role in our schools is the topic of today’s video. I will give you a background to what the digital divide is, and talk about how it affects our educational system, and what can be done do bridge the gap.
I will talk about the three different types of divide, the gender divide, the social divide, and the universal access divide, what are the causes and how does it impact our schools.
I am also talking about the direct impact it can have in our classrooms, and what steps can be taken to overcome the differences between does who have and don’t have technology resources.

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I am also trying to get back to some tutorials, mainly Google apps that I use frequently. The tutorials take much more time to film and edit, but they are so much fun, and I really want to create them. If you have any tutorials like that on your wish list you can submit suggestions using the same form.

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