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The Importance of Bilingual Education

Today I will talk about bilingual education, and how important it is not only for the language learning. A lot of studies show that a multilingual education has benefits for the overall academic results, and it is sad that the U.S, educational system don’t offer more of language education, even though I have seen a trend starting where at least Spanish is taught as a second language in schools here in New Jersey.

I will talk about how we in Sweden offer a lot of opportunities to learn both a second, third, and even more languages in our schools. As a matter of fact Swedish and English are both core subject, and then you add on.

Last week was not good for me when it comes to my video production. I had such a bad cold that I couldn’t film at all, and now I am one week behind in my filming. What I could get done was research and script, so this week, if I am lucky, I have six videos ready to be filmed. If I get that done I will be right back on my schedule and still have that buffer of an extra week of videos always ready to go.

This showed me how lucky I am that I decided to always have that extra week ready, since I already had these weeks video filmed and edited, I could skip filming last week without any interruption in my uploading schedule.
I will really do my best to get all six of my upcoming videos filmed and edited this week to once again have that safety buffer.

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