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The Loneliest Job – the Substitute Teacher

The loneliest job at a school, in my opinion, is the substitute teacher. You are unfamiliar with the school, the routines, the students, and the colleges, unless you have worked at the same school several times. The students often don’t look at you as a “real” teacher, and try to test you.
But there are things that you as a substitute, the teachers at a school, and the administration can do to make the life for a substitute teacher easier, and in this video I will talk about that.

I am still working on my upcoming tutorial for PRISM live, and at the same time I am learning a lot from creating it. To finish that is priority number one for this week, the second priority will be Thursday’s live stream, and since it is Halloween, that will be my major theme for the stream, but I will also talk about “is there an ideal length for YouTube videos?” I do not have the answer so I hope you will join me on Thursday 9 AM EST to discuss, or just to get to know each other.

My list of educational approaches I want to make videos about is growing and growing, I research one philosophy and constantly find other pedagogical ideas that ends up on my list of topics I want to research and make videos about. And I am learning so much.

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