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Never Stop Learning

The satisfaction of sticking to the plan

I filmed six videos in two days, and that feels really great. that mean that I am a week ahead when it comes to filming. I also have edited the first of the sex fully and started on the second one. If I can get three videos edited this weekend that will give me two extra workdays next week.

I have also been somewhat active in a couple of the groups I found at Facebook, and found some really interesting creators to follow, and some really interesting discussions. Several of the groups I initially found I have left already, they were very focused on sub 4 sub, which I am not interested in at all. But as I figured out, to find groups that are really interested in developing the craft of video making is something I should have done a long time ago.

I have also started to use the new layout for my thumbnails, so far it is only three of them that are public, but already I can see how my click through rate has more than doubled on those thumbnails compared to my old ones. I still think I can improve on my thumbnails but this is a first step

It also feels really great that I have been a bit more consistent with my writing here, although I must confess that I forgot to make the connection with the blog in both my videos about how to start a YouTube channel that I filmed this week. I have to fix that with some overlay when I edit them . One of my goals in my initial channel plan is to create a connection between my channel and this blog, and I need to work a bit harder on that part.

Another of my goals was to get more comments and a more “living” connection on my channel, and that has also happened. One of the groups I found has daily video threads, where when you post I video you are supposed to watch, like, and comment on the video of person above you. And not just a nice video comment, it should be a more substantial comment and I like this approach a lot.

Now I am done for tonight, tomorrow I have a bridal shower to go to, which will be very fun. And after that I will hopefully finish my editing work for this week.