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The Two PBL and all the other ___BL

The Two PBL and all the other ___BL. This is a video where I compare the two educational methods with the same abbreviation PBL. One is the Problem Based Learning, and the other one is Project Based Learning. I will also mention several other ____ BL methods. What are the differences between the two PBL, is a question many may ask, and although there are some, in my mind, surface differences, all the different Based Learning models out there has more in common than what separates them. And I will give you my thoughts why ___ Based Learning in any form gives a more authentic learning in my eyes. This will be my last video for 2019, and I will be back January 6th, 2020 with another model of ____Based Learning. Next video I will take a closer look at Brain Based Learning.

I am changing some things on my channel for the new year. I will start a second channel for my live streams, called Pixelpia Live, and I will live stream two days a week, Tuesdays will be more structured, and I will try to work with themes. Each theme will run for a few weeks and the first one I am going to tackle is The Creative Process. My first episode under that umbrella theme will be How and where to find inspiration for your YouTube videos. I hope you will join me to discuss and inspire each other in this.

On Thursday mornings I will continue with my morning chit-chat, where I will talk about things more relaxed, and my experiences as a YouTube creator. This is also where you can come in and talk about anything of your interests as long as it is appropriate.
My regular channel Pixelpia Teaching & Learning will continue uploading educational videos, but only two days a week, Monday and Wednesday. The reason for this is that I never had many visitors on my Friday videos, and I would rather put in the time and effort on a second live stream with more researched content.

So to today’s video, The Two PBL and all the other ___BL . I am rather pleased with this one, I tried to be a bit more creative with my editing. It is far from perfect but at least I am trying and learning.