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The Unwanted Students – what happens to them?

Today’s video is a bit different for me, it is more of a story time. I am talking about my time at a special school for students that didn’t fit into the traditional school system, students that had a lot of disciplinary problems, students that was “unwanted”.
In particular I am talking about one of my students, I am calling her Hope, a 14 going on 45 year old girl that nobody wanted. Her story is one I carry with me to this day, and I decided to share it with you.
My hope is that we can have a discussion in the comments about what we can do to best help these children to grow up and become successful.

It has been Thanksgiving here in the US, and I have fallen a bit behind again, but everything is filmed so I will get three videos up as always next week. What I have been able to do is get ahead on my scripting, and I hope that I will be able to film some extra videos this week to catch up before the Xmas celebration starts.
I think I am getting faster with my tutorials but there is still some improvement that needs to be done. I still enjoy doing them and for each one I learn new things that I didn’t think about before.

So to today’s video, as I said this is more of a story time and I hope you will enjoy it.