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Never Stop Learning

Things are moving along

I am really starting to feel confident about doing this. I have two episodes totally edited, The first one I made some changes to today, after I asked my friends in a Facebook group called Swedes living in the US to take a look at my first episode, and I got some good tips on how to improve.
I am very aware of the fact that “nobody” creates a first YouTube video that is perfect, maybe not even great, and I will probably, in the future, look back at this one and say to myself: what in the world was I thinking. 

I have added on to my list of videos I want to create, it is now up to nearly 30 topics, but some of them might have to be combined. 
I have written my script for the third episode, which I am going to film next week, and I have also made drafts for three more episodes. So at the moment I have ideas that are at least in rough draft form up to February 8th.  

Yesterday I actually took the whole day off from this project, including the blog. And that felt great. I think that for my future scheduling I should make sure that I have at least one day off every week, because it made me feel so more energized and enthusiastic today, when I started the work again.

Right now I am going to spend some time on YouTube, watching some creators that I enjoy, and relax for the rest of the evening. I feel a slight headache coming on so it is definitely time for