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Twitter Tutorial Part 2

Finally I got part two of my twitter tutorial finished and uploaded. But more about the struggle later on.
Twitter tutorial part 2 goes more into detail on how to enhance a tweet with pictures, videos, gifs, and even make a poll. I also show how and why to bookmark tweets, and lists. There will be a third episode of this tutorial, and That will be on Wednesday. Because of technical problems I had to delay this video which will push the next episode forward two days.

This week has been filled with struggle on so many levels. To start with I had to film the screen capture part of this video three times. The first time the file was totally corrupted and unusable for some unknown reason. The second time, half way into the video, My sound cloned itself and it sounded like I had used two microphones recording my voice, one of them with a half second delay so I had a terrible echo.
The third time I got the filming correctly, but then it was time to start editing.

I started editing on my phone as I always do, but I decided to try and edit on the computer, I need to start practicing and this video was going to be late anyhow, and moved over to the PC. This took quite some time since I am not used to edit on the computer, and I have a few different software to choose between.
I decided to start out trying Filmora 9. I must say that it felt really nice to work on a bigger screen, and I could see what I was doing so much better. But it took so much longer than I had anticipated just to find my way around. My hope was to get this video up and running yesterday, which would have been only one day late, But when it started to get close to midnight and I had only about 70 % of the video edited, I realized that it wouldn’t be possible.

So I decided to close for the night, saved my project, and went to bed. Woke up and was ready to finish the work at 9 AM this morning. But NO, my computer didn’t want to cooperate at all. For some reason it kept on freezing up. I had run Filmora for hours last night without any problem, but not today. After lots of struggle, checking everything on my PC from drivers to virus check, and nit wouldn’t let me get the work done I was ready to give up totally and start all over on my phone again.

At this point I said lets just see if Filmora wants to let me export the work that is already done, and I can open it on my phone and do just the last 30%. And guess how surprised I was when it worked. I transferred the video to my phone, at least I had a second way to finish the editing if the PC wouldn’t let me do it.
So I tried again to edit on my PC, and again NO. So I had to finish the editing on my phone and I just got done and uploaded it to YouTube, better late than ever.

Thanks to all these “mishaps” I will not upload the third and last part of this tutorial on Monday, I will give myself a couple of extra days and upload on Wednesday.
That will hopefully also give me time to find out what the problem is with my PC, and to “fingers crossed” practice some more in Filmora.

So till today’s part two of my tutorial about Twitter