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What about the plan?

So, do I have a plan for this project? Well I sort of have, and not have at the same time. I am going to start making videos, and I am going to put them on YouTube, but as I said after getting inspired by Muchelleb, and her channelnotes, there is a lot of planning to do. My style guide is completed, I have picked the following three colors for my overall color scheme;

 the last one is white…..

I have also decided on three different fonts to use, and for what I am going to use each one of them. I have figured out the backdrop for when I film indoors, but I also have plans for filming outside. I have played around with how to make thumbnails, and how to edit my videos, using the test filming I have done.

I also managed to use Muchelleb’s Channel Plan and I’m pretty satisfied with how I define my channel,, and the standards I have written down. It feels like a solid plan so far. I am also satisfied with the sections prep and goals. And right now I am working on the section other players.
As I have said, I am a vivid consumer of social media, so when I started my hunt on YouTube to find at least three other channels that are similar to what I have planned I got stuck. Partly because there are not to many out there, especially not women of my age, and if they are it is mostly about beauty or wellness. Partly because I get easily distracted and start following threads that doesn’t help me in planning my channel.
The first part, that there isn’t to many channels like the one I have planned gets me a bit worried. Why is that? Is it because it is so totally uninteresting? Maybe no-one wants to watch videos like that? Or is there an empty space that I can fill with content that people actually would watch?
The second part, my wandering mind, well that is in a way part of my personality, and I can chose to embrace it in some aspects of my life, while I have to train myself to be more focused when it comes to drive this project home.

So instead of focusing on my channel plan, I watched videos about fx-makeup, got stuck in some drama channels, followed some DIY project, and even watched some dog videos. And the worst part is that all the time I was thinking; why don’t I do that? or That is what my channel should be about. And I forgot that I already have a plan.

So even though I feel like I got a lot of inspiration from what I watched on YouTube today, I also feel like I wasted my day on entertainment without focus. I have now decided to focus on my original plan, I have planned the three first videos I’m going to film, and now I just have to do it. If I later on have to change direction, so be it.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will try to finalize my channel-plan.  I am playing with the though of giving myself a deadline for when I should have my three first videos ready, I have already decided not to put anything out on my channel until I have at least three videos ready to go, and that I will publish one per week. This way I hope that I will relieve myself from some stress, knowing that I have material ready in case I run into trouble with the filming.