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What defines a YouTube creator?

Today I started thinking, what or when are you a YouTube creator?
I mean there are a lot of YouTubers, consumers, sporadic up-loaders, sharing family videos with friends and relatives, but what defines a creator.
Are you a creator when you can monetize your channel? This would mean that the definition is that you have at least 1,000 subscribers plus 4,000 hours of annual watching time.
Or is the definition depending on how “original” your videos are? Do you need to be one-of-a kind in your niche? Or does your content have to be more “theatrical” for you to be a creator.
Or is regularity in upload part of the definition. Are you a creator if you have a somewhat regular upload schedule, with some sort of “planned” content, opposite just uploading a video from a family gathering?

I am not trying to give anyone an answer here, it is not my place, but I was thinking about how I would define it to myself. I am most definitely a YouTuber, a consumer, and I had never before this even had a thought about becoming a “creator”.
But since I am now creating videos for YouTube, I assume that at one point I will be. So what does that mean?
For me it is the process. Not just filming a random video at an event and sharing it with my friends using YouTube as my platform.
No, for me it is the whole process, from getting an idea, planning the video, setting up the environment for filming, film and then edit the material to become something hopefully enjoyable to watch.
It also include the work on setting up the environment of the channel itself, having a thought out “style” which includes things like channel banner, how your thumbnails look, how you present and describe your individual videos, and how you utilize other social media to promote yourself.

The more work I put in to prepare for my channel launch, the more I actually appreciate all the work surrounding the video itself. I have found a new love in editing videos, something I never really tried before.
I have also returned to my old passion for creating graphics, even though it is very simple at this stage, since I have so many other things to learn, to get this to work.
I also realize that my 16 years in USA has changed something within myself. I would never have promoted myself and/or anything I did in the way I have done this. To even think of putting it on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for others to see is so very unswedish. Or maybe that is just age? Am I at that golden age where I no longer give a _________ what people think about me?

So back to the question, what defines a creator?
I have my personal definition, as described above, and I am striving towards becoming a YouTube creator. And the only reason why is because it is fun. The whole process is so inspiring. More than I ever thought it would be.
Even looking back to those days when I asked myself if I was crazy for even trying to do this, I totally enjoy the whole process.
So for me a creator, is a person who does something they like, even when it at times feel impossible, find inspiration in the process, and is willing to share with others.
This is where I will end today’s blog. And this is how I feel