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What Is Personal Growth?


Today I am starting a new series on my YouTube channel about personal growth, personal development, or if you want to call it self-development. In my first video, I am focusing on defining what I think of when I hear the term personal growth. This will be the ground definition for my upcoming videos. So what do we think about when we hear someone talking about personal development? `
Of course, this is very individual, or rather what your goals are will be very individual, but a few things can be said to be in common for all variations of personal growth, it is a processor making improvements to ones physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social state. And all of this can even have a positive effect on your financial state.

So how do we define personal-growth

Self-improvement uses many different techniques to improve habits, behaviors, actions, and reactions, and at the same time, it is the process of active learning and development of new skills. If you are committed to any form of personal growth, no matter if it is to improve your health, your wellbeing, to improve your character, or exercise your mind, it is never too late, or too early, in life to start the journey.

Physical wellbeing

To improve your physical wellbeing you can choose so many different aspects. Maybe you need to focus on your weight, lose or gain, maybe you need to exercise more and improve your cardio, or maybe stop smoking is on your radar? No matter what, and I am sure you all can add on to the list of physical improvements, there are a few things we need to do. We need to develop new habits, maybe we need some new knowledge by taking a course, and maybe we need to find other people in a similar situation as a support group.

Emotional growth

Emotional growth can be a bit trickier. It can concern anything from building a more approachable personality and be more cheerful, to dealing with depression and other mental issues, and everything in between. Maybe I need to control my anger better? Maybe I need to build up my self-confidence? Maybe I have an addictive personality? Some of these issues will probably need some professional help to deal with, but that said there are things you can do on your own as well. I will not go into that in this blog but will return to these questions later on in my series, both here and on YouTube.

Intellectual self-improvement

Intellectual self-improvement can be anything from learning a new method to solve a math problem, to learning a new way to learn. Reading a lot is a great place to start for intellectual growth, and doing puzzles. But to keep your mind young and active you can also choose to learn a new language, or maybe to play an instrument. Journaling is another great way to keep your mind sharp, or maybe start a blog. There are so many possibilities.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is probably the area that will mean the most different things for different people. If you have a religious conviction it will mean one thing, if you don’t it will probably mean something totally different.
To me, as a nonreligious person, spiritual growth has more to do with how my emotions affect me in different life situations, how I can improve things like empathy, and handling stress.
Am I approachable or do people see me as hard to get close to? Am I really capable of open my mind and understand another person’s point of view? If not how can I change that?

Social growth

Which is closely connected to social growth, which is more focused on my ways to interact with the world and people around me. How do people view me as a person? Do I come off as approachable, or do I scare people off? How capable am I of reading other people’s body language and facial expressions?
Social growth also deals with increasing one’s social skills. Am I good at working in a collaborative setting? Those are questions I am thinking of when talking about social growth.

My video about personal-growth

So if you now are curious about my video I will link it down below, and if you want to follow along in this new serious about self-growth don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell so you will get informed on my uploads.