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What software am I using?

A couple of days of from my YouTube adventure, and my blogging. Last time I really worked on this project was when I finished up my plan, and got very insecure about the direction for my content. After a few days of rest I returned to the plan, and even though I still think the comparison channels aren’t totally accurate to compare myself too, I am still feeling OK with my planned content, and the plan in large. If it doesn’t work as I want it too, I can always revise later on.

I also went in and revised my style guide. I kept the color scheme the same, but as I was working on some graphic, as well as editing some videos I realized that my choice of fonts wasn’t available in all the software I am using. So therefor I went in and picked out fonts that are available in my software, as well as installed on my laptop.

So what software am I using?
I do a lot of the work on my cell phone or tablet, as well as on my laptop. The majority of my video editing is done on my tablet where I use KineMaster where I have a monthly subscription for $4.99 per month. I really like this software, it is easy to understand, have a lot of great effects to use, as well as music.
For graphics I use Canva  which I have both installed on my phone/tablet, as well as use their website. So far I have not subscribed to Canva, since the free alternatives has been good enough for my needs. Here I make thumbnails, logos, and other graphic content for my social web.
For working with photos, I mostly work in Snapseed, on my phone/tablet. Snapseed is Googles photo editor, and in my opinion it is compatible to the best PC photo editing software out there, and it is free.
Next to Canva and Snapseed I work with CorelPaintShopPro X9, a relative cheap editing software, around $40, but easy to use.
That is about it. If I forgot any software I am sure I will realize that the next time  I use it and will add it to my list.

So for now my adventure continues. I have done some filming, and editing, and start to feel more relaxed about that part. I have not yet figured out a space to use for my filming, and that will be my next important step. This include finalizing the last parts in my Style Guide, which are; backdrop, thumbnails, and Photos. I have a rough idea written down for all three parts, but I need to make some examples, and visit IKEA for some shopping.