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When Life Gives You Lemons Slice Them Up And Make Margaritas! A Positive Point Of View

When Life Gives You Lemons Slice Them Up And Make Margaritas is a video about how we can have a more positive point of view when things not goes the way we hoped. It is a video about looking at life’s lemon and see them as opportunities. by slicing the problem into smaller pieces we can start to see opportunities.
We all need positivism in our lives, especially in times like these, and I think we all can change our mindset and look at life’s lemons from a new perspective.

I still haven’t had the time needed to start re-doing my old thumbnails, but that is a project in the making. I also have planned a new series about how to choose, prepare, and succeed when starting a study life online as an adult. At the moment I have 5 videos planned in this series.
I am also startting to work on my skills when it comes to audio, thanks to a very inspirational live stream by Daniel Batal. This is very exciting but also a little frightening. There is so much to learn.

Now to today’s video. I hope you will enjoy, and if you have any tips and tricks for keeping positive when life gives you lemons please share them in the comments.