PixelPia Never Stop Learning

Where did time go?

Last night I couldn’t stop working on my project. When I finally glanced at the time it was almost 3 AM. I decided to not write in the blog right then, and instead write now. 
I actually finalized my second video, and at the moment I have two scheduled videos up on YouTube , one will launch the 4th of January, and the second one the 11th. 
Next week I will film episode three.

I also finished my upload schedule for the first three months of my channels life. Three months is when I plan to do my first in-depth evaluation of the work, and I am happy that I have my video ideas planned until that point. 
I also have added to my list of video ideas, but it didn’t really grow, since I used some of the existing ideas for my upload schedule.

The most exciting and fearsome step I took yesterday must have been to present this project on my personal Facebook page. I have earlier presented it to a group of Swedes living in US, and they got a link to my first episode to help me evaluate. They were helpful and made me change some things.
My friends on my personal Facebook page did not get access to the video,but I presented this blog and in time they will (hopefully) watch my channel. 
This is exciting, since it feels like an important step towards launching my channel. Fearsome, because now I am subjecting myself to criticism. This is actually one of the biggest fears in this whole project.
How will I be able to handle negative, and maybe even evil comments. We have all heard about the trolls of the internet, will they find me, and attack what I am trying to do. And will it affect me, and how.

Today I will not spend much time on this project. All I have to do is make my schedule for next week, since I’ve already have the script for episode three.