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Never Stop Learning

Why am I doing this?

Why am I starting yet another online adventure, when my track record is as miserable as it is?
I am a huge social media consumer, watching and following a lot of influencers over multiple platforms. But I am in no way active myself. So I started thinking, why is that? I am of the generation who grow up with the revolution of personal computers, and I have been a part, even if a passive one, of the web since its very beginning, At an early stage I made personal web sites, which then led me into creating web graphics. Then came YouTube, and I became a more passive participant. So I was thinking, why is that? Does it have to do with my age? Don’t I think I have anything of worth to contribute any longer? What has changed in my mindset?
So this led me to start thinking about actually starting a YouTube channel of my own. Why shouldn’t I?

So where do you start? Of course, on YouTube. So I searched for videos about starting a YouTube channel, and believe me, there are plenty. One stood out to me, and that was Channelnotes. Muchelleb, the creator of this channel, is an inspiration. She also have a website with the same name where you can read her blogs, and also download useful materials for a beginners. So I did, downloaded, read, and watched all of her videos. Oh my, there is really a lot to prepare.
So with Muchelleb as my inspiration I have started to write my Channel Plan and my Style Guide. I have figured out what the content of my channel will be, I think, and I have checked what equipment I have to start the filming adventure. I do not have the most up to date equipment but I think I have enough to start. The biggest obstacle at the moment is to get over myself, and just do it. Who cares if its not perfect to begin with. Why am I so nervous about filming myself, and putting it out there?

So what are my plans for content? Since I am a Swede living in the US I am planning on doing some videos about the similarities and differences between the two countries, making fun of some stereotypes, sharing some tips on how you can adjust to the other country more easily, and sharing some of my biggest blunders in my new country.
In my next blog I will go more into details about my plans, and if I get over my fear to film. What do I have to loose?
So here is another small clip from an attempt of making a video intro for my not yet launched YouTube channel. I am regarding this blog, and the little video pieces I put up here as my training ground.