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Why I became a teacher – TWICE

So August in closing its doors on us, this summer ran by way too fast, the only good part about the summer being over is that maybe potential house buyers will be back from vacation and we can move to Florida, *fingers crossed*
With August behind us I will also starting my new “experiment ” on my channel, having three “different” themes running parallel. They will all definitely all be on the theme of learning/teaching but have more defined topics for each of my publishing days, Mondays – evaluation and assessments (testing) , Wednesdays – school forms and educational methods, and Fridays – “hot school topics”.

I am now sure that I am going to stick with the niche of education on my channel, this is my true passion, and I can talk forever about it. That said, I will still allow myself to keep on trying other YouTube niches, and from time to time I will do a shorter series where I keep on testing things.
I know that sometimes I get “tired” of doing too much of the same, and need to recharge my batteries, and the series about testing different YT niches was really getting me back in a creative mood the last time, and I had so much fun doing it, so that will definitely be returning on my channel.

I also want to develop my podcast, my latest adventure. I am still just adapting the audio from the nine types of intelligence to a more suitable format, but I hope to someday do complementary podcasts to the videos I do, maybe go in more depth of the topics a I cover on YouTube. I am at the moment thinking that the hot topic Friday would be suitable for more depth than I have in the videos. But for now I am happy with where I am.

So to today’s video. This is the story about why I became a teacher in the first place, why I had to get a teachers degree a second time, and a short comparison between my Swedish and American teacher education.